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Access Bars

Do you want to get a change that will change your whole life in just one session? In an Access Bars treatment, what if the worst you can get is a good massage and the best you can experience is your whole life taking the direction you wanted or even better a direction towards what your higher self is striving for? Access Bars is a treatment where 32 different points (or bars) are held in different combinations. The bars can help the client with relationships, money, happiness and sadness, peace and calm, aging, hopes and dreams, control, body, sex, as well as communication etc. The Access Bars help you electromagnetically to release old patterns and limitations you have created based on your fixed views . Worth knowing may be that when Bars is run on children it can cause their grades to improve dramatically. Do you want help sleeping better? Run your bars.


Trigger Point Massage

To release tension in a muscle the part of the muscle where the tension sort of originates is found and a pressure is applied here that normally induces a lot of pain.

The pain can either be released by pressing less hard and sort of release the tension through touch and healing. Or the pain can be released together with strong pressure and with a lot of deep breathing from the client.

Typical results are removal of pain, peace in your body, and a change in your reality.


Access MTVSS

Access MTVSS is a hands-on (hands-on-the-body) treatment that aims to restore the cells to their origin. This means that the skin and or the tissue and muscles under the skin have received some damage, e.g. inflammation, burn, wear and tear, etc. This treatment can help the body’s own healing back to its origin.

Benefits of having MTVSS run on you, include activation, boosting, and stimulating your immune system as your metabolism, respiratory system, digestive system, etc.



Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing provides various benefits for our body through the feedback between the body’s energy and the universe. This means that the client reconnects to the universe, causing him/her to find greater well-being, be it physical, emotional or even mental. In general, this practice consists of seeking better health for our body and mind in a non-harmful way, making our reconnection with the universe a phenomenal remedy for healing us from everyday frustrations. This healing takes place without physical touch between the client and the healer (hands-off-the-body). The intention is to allow a clint’s energy lines to be in balance with the energy of the universe.

For more in depth information please visit this scientific article about RH.


Being You

If you choose to receive a Being You treatment you are in for a ride. This is a combination of other treatments such as trigger point massage, MTVSS, Reconnective Healing etc. When we are in school we are taught to get everything right. But getting everything right also means that we have to judge everything as either right or wrong. How is that working for you?

In Being You the aim is to get you out of all current, previous and even future judgments, by asking you to let go of all thoughts, feelings and emotions, old or new. At the end of a session it is very common for a client to have no thoughts, no feelings or emotions up or down. A Being You treatment really opens all doors again for you to be, know, receive and perceive. Does it sound like fun and relaxing? Are you ready to be the space of you?



A coaching session can either be done in person or at a distance. The idea is that we would like to reach a certain result, like ease, peace, space, relaxation, becoming emotionally pain free etc. When the therapist is working with the client’s desires and wishes, i.e. following the energies the therapist asks mostly open-ended questions. Example : “what would you like to be or do now?”. For the client to reach his or her goals with this treatment the therapist will strive as much as possible for being a mirror by having no points of view whatsoever. It is therefore very common for people to tell me things that they never really would tell any strangers. One of the reasons why clients open up so easily is because I am willing to be so vulnerable. Are you ready to vulnerably change everything?


Energetic Facelift

This treatment is great if you are finding that you have some heaviness related to your head, or if you feel that you have wrinkles that were not there before or if you just feel that you wanna look younger. During this treatment the facial skin will get a total overhaul and almost every part of your head and upper chest will be touched to trigger a release of tensions and stimulate skin rejuvenation. The treatment is totally non-invasive and involves only light touch, and no massage and no pains. Typical results are a feeling of being very relaxed, looking younger having your wrinkles disappear or be toned down.

Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and unlock your infinite possibilities?

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