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«If you want some phenomenal bodywork-Jesper Nilsson is the man. How did I get so lucky that you showed up today? My body seems so much more alive after the session. WOW.. happiness and joy feel AWESOME. Not the last time I’ll get a session with you, what a fantastic way to nurture one's body. Thanks a godzillion».
D. Svane
«Hello Jesper, It was so nice to receive an access bars therapy from you yesterday. People told me you are a «special gifted person» and I can confirmed that. I felt and incredible relief after the session. I have more clarity and this morning I woke up animated compare to the last weeks, it was always a challenge to stand up. Hope you can share your gift more and more and help many persons. All my love»
Claudia Le Corre
Playa Del Carmen
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«The treatment with Jesper was very transformative and healing, it exceeded my expectations and I definitely got what I needed from it and probably more. I’ve never come across this type of treatment before, but I highly recommend it. Jesper adjusted the treatment to suit my needs and issues and I definitely feel a shift in my awareness and body»
Faraoe Islands
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