Is the world around you going crazy?

Written : 2023-MAY-21
Updated : 2023-SEPTEMBER-22

For the past 15 years I have been perceiving the future faster than a lot of people around me. Already in March 2020 I realized that something fishy (meaning weird, not right) was going on with the COVID-19 when I was locked in in Nepal. People were NOT allowed to cross borders on foot, but you were allowed to get an evacuation flight back to your own country sharing a flight with hundreds of other people. That made absolutely no sense to me. If there was something real to be aware of and stay away from you would not allow people to gather in large quantities, like in an airplane. How much sense does it make to ask people to wait in lines, separated by 1.5 meters apart before boarding an airplane, meanwhile on the airplane people are packed like tuna fish in a can? And how much sense does it make to force to people to use face masks that according to science only avoid water to be shared between people’s mouths?

Research led me to too many inconvenient truths

So I started researching about the weirdness about the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. What I found was astonishing. If you desire to receive these inconvenient truths, please ask me for the proof.

Though my intention with this blog post was not to write about COVID-19, it is to write about the current craziness that people perceive around themselves, like the drag queen agenda, like the 15 minutes cities, like the war in Ukraine, like the very much spiking crime rates in many places, like the strange explosions of train wreckages and blow up of food factories, like how people around you are no longer acting pragmatically to situations today as they did in the past etc. Or if you sense the craziness without being able to put a finger on why.

Have you ever been censored?

One of the results of unveiling all these inconvenient truths was that I was censored from using LinkedIn for 1 year. And all my messages on Facebook are shadow banned. Just for your information. I.e. if you are new to this truth seeking thing, be aware of what and how you share inconvenient information. If you have some solutions to release and get rid of censorship, will you please share it in the comments below? Or if you have some comments in general. Thank you! 😀

How do you deal with the craziness around you?

Well, if you are like me, and you have basically ALL the tools you can think of to handle the insanity around you, then you really don’t have to change much. Some of the tools I use to deal with insanity is to take a deep breath, and tell myself to have total allowance, and return the insane energies to where they came from. Another tool is to just ask for what is better : what will it take for ___[this]___ to show up? Another tool is to run away; though, how long time can you run before the thing you ran away from catches up to you? To surround yourself with people that love you for who you are, not your money, not for being a family member, not for what you do etc.

I hope that you are like me, finding the truth behind things either by intentionally looking for it, 

or just unintentionally having odd things like this showing up. If you are a truth seeker like me, would you like to ramp up this capacity by a 100-fold today and/or in the future? Everything that does not allow that to show up, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion? Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys, POVADs and beyonds. And now, will you please contribute by sharing a 100-fold increase in truth with the rest of the world?


And what do you wanna create in the world?


But if you feel like these things above is not for you, I have another simple suggestion. Instead of focusing on what is not working for you, like the insanity and craziness around you, what if you could focus on what you wanna create in the world? For me this thing is sharing more consciousness with the world (like writing this blog) and giving people great physical and energetic treatments.


Get rid of your cell phone?


About 3-4 weeks ago I started a new diet, a diet completely without sugar. This is another way for me to create more peace for myself. Another thing I am considering is to stop using cell phones as much. Please read this article to create your own opinion on why ditching your cell phone might be a good idea.


A New Reality Crystallizes


When you start to shift your focus from what is not working for you, to what you desire to see and create in the world, what if a new reality also will start to show up for you? Disregarding of what I suggest is true for you or not, what is the worst that could happen if you try it out? Are you willing to take miniature steps towards creation rather than passively watching what is going on? If your answer and/or instinct is yes to this question, when is the time? Is NOW the time?

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